Here you can view all the lovely things people had to say about the featured whiskeys and also view pictures that they have submitted.

Nate Knuffman
Nate Knuffman
Stone fruit and some spiciness. Rye?
James Hatfield
Seems clean and easy to drink. I like it.
Quincy King
Read the rules and knew it from last year. This is one of my stock bourbon. Love it.
Josh Mitchell
Full Body
What is this? It's weird in a bad way.
Mark Peters
Favorite of day 2-8, for sure. Initially, I got a lot of alcohol, but it mellowed nicely and got better and better with each subsequent sip. I wish I had more.
James Hopkins
Uneven floral smoke—Forest things that come to mine.
Dan Sembler
Dan Sembler
After a long rest, I'm picking up peanut butter. Really? Surely I ate something weird. Finish lasts forever, which is pleasant, but not a ton distinctive from the nose or palate
John Boggs
I liked this one. Slow burn on the palate long after the sip. Little bit of cough syrup in there.
Chris Reeves
Chris Reeves
Trees. Medicinal. Maybe grass instead of trees? Definitely some hospital. Erin, there is some band-aid in there too! Gummy. I love it, wife hates it. I have been so off on the proof guesses but here's hoping.
Greg Baur
Greg Baur
Perplexing on type. Tastes similar to some aged Irish but leans to bourbon. Nose is oak and citrus and taste seems similar. Apricot and orange with honey. Finishes with banana. Seems a bit young. Didn’t love it.
Derek Glunz
Perfectly acceptable but I wouldn’t choose to drink this. It is a mixer. If you made it into a rusty nail, it might be passable.
Allan Maule
Unusual flavor profile! This mixes sweet corn with pepper. Wondering if this is the local bottle I picked.
Zach Bennett
Zach Bennett
Honestly can’t put a finger on this one. I’m slightly confused. Granted it’s been a week, but still.
Brian Taylor
Instant caramel on the nose, but that’s about it. Easy to drink, but kinda generic.
Kevin Guyer
Kevin Guyer
Not rotgut, but not for me. I'd be prone to use this as a mixer than a sipper.
Matt Eagle
Well, this is interesting. Tastes like a bourbon. The flavors are nicely layered with some spice at the end. Enjoyable in an unexpected way, so I’d understand if some folks don’t love it.
Christian Sito
Christian Sito
This was delicious!
Scott Beckett
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🪣
Tastes like straight-ahead bourbon. Not getting much on the nose. Feels like a decent proof though. Gets sweeter and smoother the more I sip.
John McDowell
Love the flavor profile but seems too light/faint. Would like a little more pop. Rye? Japanese? Japanese rye?
Jim Brown
Jim Brown
Now I'm second guessing myself.... scotch or Japanese whiskey? hmmm.. This is _almost_ really delicious. Nice and smooth, great flavor, sweet on the palate -- until that bitter awful aftertaste. And that's coming from someone who prefers scotch over bourbon. Am I getting sick or does this have like zero nose?
Jonathan Cory Kraftchick
I didn't love it, didn't hate it. Not sure I'd but this again, but if someone bought me a bottle, I'd still say thank you.
Ben Freeman
very light color - thought it was Irish until I gave it a whiff. It smells like if you mixed Four Roses and Sake together. Taste notes to me are honey/floral/vanilla. Not a very high ABV. Let it sit out a bit in the glass, and it changed. At first sip...hated it. After a while, it grew on me. Would buy
Johan Martinez
Johan Martinez
Scotch. If it’s not, then I am hella rusty this year. I can see this one being finished in maybe bourbon cask. Low proof
Erin Kraftchick
Mrs Hef
Upon the smell, I immediately made my photo. 666 on day 6 because obviously the devil made Scotch. Then after tasting it I went to my usual go-to line, "well I guess I don't hate it." That doesn't mean I'm changing my mind about scotch.